About Me


I'm Jennifer

As a cook, I've always prized fat for how it makes food so deliciously indulgent, yet I had been led to believe that a healthy lifestyle meant limiting fat. So when 

I was introduced to the ketogenic diet (or "keto") in 2017 it totally changed my world. Could fat really be good for me?


My husband, Ivan, and I decided to put keto to the test. We, along with a group of friends, decided to "go keto" and see what happened. Today, Ivan and I have together lost over 100 lbs., most my friends have lost between 20-40 lbs each, and we're all experiencing better heath than we've had in years!

During this time, I noticed that many of my friends found it difficult to make keto-friendly meals that taste great, so I took on the challenge to show how simple keto cooking can be. I'm often asked to make keto meals, snacks, desserts, and treats. My subscription is a collection of my most popular recipes along with a cooking video for each one. The ones that my family and friends ask for over, and over again. As you embrace the ketogenic lifestyle, I think you'll love these easy crowd pleasing dishes that not only taste great, but are also quick and simple to make.


From my keto kitchen to yours, I wish you good heath and a joyous, rewarding ketogenic journey. Bon Appétit


Jennifer Winder

ABOUT JENNIFER: Jennifer fell in love with cooking when she was 4 years old. Since then, she has managed three commercial kitchens and currently runs her own catering business, all while providing meals for her most important customers, her family of eight. Jennifer specializes in creating simple delicious ketogenic meals that anyone can make.

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